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Tax and Tax Collection


The General Administration of Tax Collection and Recovery assumes four missions within the FPS Finance:

  1. The State's financing

    With its partners, i.e the General Administrations and the Staff Departments, the General Administration of Tax Collection and Recovery contributes to the smooth functioning of the State's financing system.
  2. Quick tax collection and optimal recovery of the debts

    Besides, it looks after the quick tax collection and the accurate calculation of the revenue and repayments. It also guarantees an optimal recovery of the debts, which are not spontaneously paid. Therefore the new debts due are quickly recovered and we carry out specific actions against the debtors, who do not fulfil their obligations or try to organize their insolvency. The persons, who have a bad payment record, are identified by means of inquiries as regards the solvency and the irrecoverable taxations are amortized. In the case of a collective debt settlement, the decision to waive indefinitely the recovery or a judicial reorganization, we recover the claim due pursuant to the imposed reorganization or debt settlement plan.
  3. Repayment to the citizens and the enterprises

    The Administration also guarantees the accurate and effective repayment of credits to its clients. When carrying out its key tasks it guarantees at any time a fair treatment of citizens and enterprises.
  4. Allocation of income to the European Union, the federal State and other authorities

    The General Administration carries out its tasks in accordance with “the principles of prudent management”. We manage the amounts collected in a spirit of transparency and professionalism. We ensure that the incomes are correctly allocated to the European Union, the federal State and other authorities.


We want to reach an optimal collection rate by encouraging the spontaneous fulfilment of tax obligations (compliance) and by providing a professional quality service.

Our approach is characterized by the quality, the personal contacts, the targeted professional advices and the credibility. It contributes to the fact that we become a privileged information point for our clients, that are treated equally and with respect.

Reference point within the public service as regards the collection and recovery of debts. 

As our society includes some persons with a bad payment record, the General Administration of Tax Collection and Recovery wants to carry on with its development until it becomes a service recognized within the entire FPS Finance. We want to be in the foreground as regard the collection and the recovery of debts as well as the repayment of credits to the citizens and enterprises.

Only service in charge of the recovery within the FPS Finance

Our Administration is organized so that it can provide a perfect service to the large international enterprises as well as to the smaller companies, the tradesmen and the individuals.  By standardizing and integrating our processes we can organize our key activities in the most efficient way, these key activities being collecting, recovering, repaying and allocating. We play a socioeconomic role according to the legal context and/or administrative abilities, by providing a personalized service to the starters and the persons liable to tax, who find themselves in difficulty, and by trying to take preventive measures as far as possible.

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