Protection of personal data – Our cookie policy


The following information relates to the protection of your personal data. This is the data that allows you to be identified, directly or indirectly, such as your first name, surname, e-mail address and IP address.
This policy applies to all pages of which in your browser start with:
  • https://(www.)
  • https://(www.)financië
  • https://(www.)
  • https://(www.)
  • https://(www.)
Please note: When a link takes you to a website, another portal site, an online application or a social network, you must check the terms and conditions for the processing of personal data used by those responsible for those services.

What are cookies and why are they useful?

Like almost any other website, our website uses cookies to provide you with the best possible service. Cookies are small text files that servers temporarily store on your computer or any other device through your web browser. Information is stored in these text files.
Our cookies allow us:
  • to improve the performance of the website for your convenience
  • to save your settings during and between visits (for example choice of language)
  • to improve the speed/safety of the website
  • to share pages with social networks such as Facebook
  • to continuously improve our website (for example statistical and qualitative purposes)
We do not use cookies:
  • to collect personally identifiable information (without your explicit consent)
  • to collect sensitive information (without your explicit consent)
  • to transfer data to ad network providers
  • to transfer personal data to third parties
  • for commercial purposes.

Use of cookies with your explicit consent

If our cookies are (automatically) accepted by your browser settings, we assume you agree with our cookie policy when using our website. If you wish to remove cookies from your browser, or if you wish to limit or exclude the use of cookies, follow the instructions below. However, deleting or refusing cookies will probably impact the functionality of our website.

Which cookies do we use on our website?

Below, you will find a list of the cookies we use and their purpose.

Our functional cookies

Expiration date
When closing the browser
To determine whether or not your browser accepts Javascript (session status)
Cookies for the choice of language (language_cookie)
24 hours
To specify in which language you wish to visit the website
90 days
To determine whether or not you accept cookies

Our social website cookies

Expiration date
Youtube embedded videos
To play the content of YouTube videos directly on our website

Our statistical cookies

Expiration date
2 years
This enables us to distinguish users
24 hours
This enables us to distinguish users
10 min.
To limit the number of visits
The domains placing cookies are:

How do I manage or delete cookies?

You can manage or delete your cookies by adjusting your browser settings. Below, you will find further explanations on how to make such adjustments.