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You would like to invest in Belgium ?

Invest in België, increase your profit!

The Fiscal Department for Foreign Investments provides information about the attractive tax regimes Belgium has to offer with regard to foreign investments and about the application of Belgian tax legislation. The Department also assists you in your contact with Belgian tax administrations.

This public service (which is part of the Federal Public Service Finances) works free of charge and on a flexible, non-bureaucratic and investor oriented basis. The Department handles the projects disclosed to her in a strictly confidential way. The officials remain subject to a strict obligation of professional secrecy.

We provide this service to :

  • foreign candidate-investors, foreign investors that are already established in Belgium as well as their consultants
  • Belgian diplomatic missions abroad and foreign diplomatic missions in Belgium
  • the foreign investments department of the Federal Public Service Economy, S.M.E.s, Self-employed and Energy
  • the Belgian Regions that are devoted to promoting foreign investments : the Brussels-Capital Region, the Flemish Region and the Walloon Region

How can we help you ?

  1. We deliver information about :
    • the numerous fiscal assets of Belgium in order to attract foreign investors :
      • measures for the logistic sector and headquarters
      • rulings
      • measures in favor of Research & Development (deduction of IP income, withholding tax for researchers, deduction for investment or tax credit, ...)
      • double taxation agreements (USA, Hongkong)
      • extension of the parent-subsidiary directive (withholding tax exemption)
      • tax shelter for audiovisual productions
      • VAT-unit
      • tax regime for the expats…
    • the application of the Belgian tax legislation on these foreign investments in each matter :
      • corporate income tax, personal income tax, non-residents tax
      • VAT
      • customs and excise…
  2. We assist you in/by/through :
    • contacting the competent civil servants
    • organizing meetings with the investor and the competent fiscal authorities
    • carrying out a follow-up of the files that are being processed
    • explaining the ruling procedure to potential foreign investors
    • making an inventory of the problems concerning the foreign investments and suggest possible solutions