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About the Treasury

I found a treasure, A Treasury job!

Our mission

As a key public player in the financial world, the General Administration of the Treasury takes its responsibility to address the present and future challenges. The Treasury manages the financial obligations of the State (guarantees, third-party deposits, etc.) and ensures the financing of the latter.

The Treasury is situated in the heart of Brussels and relies on a dynamic team of some 150 staff members.

Our areas of expertise

logo financiële wetgeving

Taking part in the process of drafting and drawing up financial legislation.

logo derdengelden

Providing services for the management of third-party funds

logo wereldbol

Representing the State in financial relations at the international and bilateral level

logo strijd fraude

Contributing to the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing

logo garantiestelsel

Managing the guarantee system for deposits and financial instruments

logo schatkist

Centralising the Belgian Treasury’s revenues and expenditure

logo munten

Managing the Royal Belgian Mint

Our departments

Seven operational departments

Deposit and Consignment Office (DCK/CDC)

The Deposit and Consignment Office manages third-party funds:

  • guarantees
  • judicial consignments
  • dormant assets
  • ...

State Guarantees and Financial Controls (G&C)

This department contributes to the financial stability of Belgium through the actions of 

  • state guarantees
  • consolidations, supervision of accounts and budgets of public institutions

Guarantee Fund for Financial Products (GF)

The Guarantee Fund for Financial Products protects your assets. It intervenes if an affiliated institution is no longer able to fulfil its obligations. In that case, the Fund will repay your assets. Together with the Resolution Fund, the Guarantee Fund contributes to financial stability and security in Belgium. 

Compliance (COM)

This department manages the administrative follow-up and granting of derogations from national and international financial sanctions and fights money laundering and terrorist financing (e.g. UBO register). In addition, they also manage undertakings for collective investment (UCIs). The purpose of an undertaking for collective investment is to raise capital from a large number of investors in order to invest it collectively in different types of assets (shares, bonds, etc.).

International and European Financial Affairs (IEFA)

This department contributes to the preparation of the Belgian policy with regard to European and international financial affairs. It also represents and defends the interests of Belgium in many financial forums.

Financial Operations of the Treasury (FVS/OFT)

This department processes all revenue and expenditure of the Belgian State and gives useful information for managing the Treasury by providing a view of the situation and outlook of the Treasury. 
The Financial Operations of the Treasury department supervises the accounting management of the transactions carried out by the Belgian Debt Agency, the Deposit and Consignment Office and the Royal Belgian Mint.

Royal Belgian Mint (KMB/MRB)

The Royal Belgian Mint is responsible for 
  • ordering circulation coins
  • carrying out the design and quality control
  • screening fake coins and representing the State at the international level
  • managing the assay office of precious metals