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Belgian Corporation for International Investment (BMI-SBI)

BMI-SBI is a mixed public limited company. Public shareholders (the Federal Investment Company and the National Bank of Belgium) own 63.34% of the capital; The main private shareholders are the Fortis Bank and ING.

BMI-SBI cofinance medium or long-term international investments by Belgian private compagnies. In doing so, the Corporation takes into account the general economic interests of both Belgium and the host country. By taking equity participations and extending loans, BMI-SBI aims at contributing to the expansion abroad of Belgian compagnies, provided that these investments impact positively on the exports of goods and services and hence, on employment in Belgium.

Taking into account their strong market expansion and their considerable degree of openness, certain emerging economies seem to be very attractive places  for foreign direct investments. Export by Belgian firms is often facilitated by the presence of Belgian direct investments in that country. This has a positive impact on the production of goods and services and employment in Belgium. However, increasing exports is constrained because the required level of capital investment often exceeds  their financial capacity.

Role of the International and European Financial Affairs Administration

An IEFA official serves on the BMI-SBI Board of Directors.


  • established in 1971
  • own funds at 31/12/18: EUR 37 million